Lisa Capone

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Selected Works includes a sampling of sculptural work from a variety of different series and materials.

The internal and external psychological states of our interaction with the self have long held interest for me. My early work explored this topic using glass forms that in some cases appeared to be dissolving into one another while elaborating on themes such as loss of self, love and life within time.  What followed were small work investigations that further examined the notion of desire, longing and the inability to obtain that can accompany each state. Using elements of repetition, piled arrangements and cast multiples as in the bronze sculpture of 200 wishbones entitled Accretion - they are a combination of formal elements, minimal means and seductive materials..

Although I remain connected to the psychological investigation of self my gaze is now focused on our interaction with one another. The attention of my most recent work entitled Animal Stories examines the topic of animal cruelty in drawings and life like sculptures made with rapid prototype techniques.   I anticipate the subject will keep me busy for some time.

I have no wish to take life, not even human life repeated Boxer,
and his eyes were full of tears.

George Orwell, Animal Farm

Lisa Capone lives and works in NYC. Most recent exhibitions include 'Formative LInes' at Governors Island and FUSION 'A New Century of Glass' at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.

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